You are intending to spend more money on your brand and you have a strategy and goal in mind. However, the biggest misstep you could run into is not having an evaluation and an analysis of your campaign well thought out from the beginning.

While marketing and advertising practice was rather sloppy during the reign of traditional channels, the advancement in digital media has fastened the evolution of media and campaign analytics to the cutting-edge.

However, analytics is beyond plugging your campaign gateways to any fanciful and data-crunching analytics software. It is knowing what should you measure?  Why you are measuring it? What do you plan to do with the outcome and how should you plan for your future campaigns?

The real aim of analytics is to give you the potent ‘weapon’ to win every campaign you plan to win. In the words of Christine Lagarde, ‘what gets measured, gets done’. As a matter of fact, analytics should inform every campaign. From several benchmarks at our disposal, it is a fact that when your marketing strategy is data-driven, your brand has a better chance of hitting and surpassing goals.

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