In the last six months, apart from its controversial acquisition by Elon Musk which was recently foundered, Twitter’s Spaces has since become one of its most sticky and successful features in the last 16 years of its existence.

Apart from being a major competitor to Clubhouse, the first platform to start live podcasting/discussions, Spaces is now commanding the leading position with users cutting across politics, tech, financial markets, lifestyle, sports and entertainment.

Here is the real application for Spaces for marketing people – Firstly, apart from being a key platform for politicians and policymakers to get first-hand feedback from anyone (from influential people to everyday citizens), Spaces is becoming a major platform to do real-time and active social listening because of the spontaneity and structure of the platform. With a good data analytics platform, brand owners should be able to spot complaints and issues to prevent potential crises.

Another angle of use is commercial partnerships with major ‘Spacers’. In recent times, several figures are emerging as key content makers/anchors of major spaces. As brand owners, it is not out of place to consider future collaborations with them because Twitter will definitely roll out features that will enable these Spacers to monetize their programmes and events.

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