To understand the Metaverse, just imagine you are the one in the driver’s seat but this time you are not driving.

You are ready to go for an important meeting but you could not leave home because your child developed a fever, the meeting is very crucial for you to close a once-in-a-lifetime deal. You contacted the client and they agreed not to shift it is but opted for a remote presentation.

If the meeting is to go the usual way, you would be using Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams to connect using your laptop’s webcam but you want the meeting to be different. You have videos, sounds and animation to illustrate your proposal and you want all attendees to hear, see, touch and feel your ideas.

This is where the Metaverse comes in. It is a virtual but visual, immersive and hyper-realistic digital experience of life as we know it.

If you take the meeting to the Metaverse, you may not only win the deal, your audience would have heard, seen, touched and felt your idea without leaving your home.
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