For several years, artists, museums and art collectors have nursed one major headache – securing your artworks from being stolen. Several daring heists have been recorded. Even the legendary Pyramid of Giza could have been spared because of its unimaginable weight.

But in the era of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), artists and creatives have virtually nothing to worry about. NFTs allow anyone to create a digital signature for their artwork on the Ethereum blockchain and by so doing, they own the digital art forever. It cannot be faked, changed, divided and or stolen.

In media and entertainment, NFTs get more interesting and rewarding. A game and content creators can basically turn specific items and parts of their content into NFTs to earn recurring income and anytime any player passes through or use any of the items, they get paid.

NFTs will continue to change how humans create, own and store artworks and media content. For us in media, it is a very creative way of making brands engage with their target audience. As digital art collection, engagement and entertainment continue to grow, brands will need to leverage these vehicles and only the smart ones will take the lead.
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