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What A Reign!

Last Thursday, the world was overwhelmed with the sad news on the passing of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, England’s longest reigning monarch and unarguably, one of the most influential personalities on Earth.

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II shared her love and passion for people. Especially, women, children and more importantly, people of the world who are going through challenges at one time or the other. Under Her Royal Majesty, the Commonwealth of Nations grew from a few colonial states to 36 countries across the seven continents of the world.

In the last few decades, the rise of the United Kingdom (UK) to a prominent global power across strategic and economic spheres has been linked to Her Royal Majesty’s support for good governance and democratic values.

At SBI Media Group, we commiserate with the people of theĀ UK, the Commonwealth and the entire world on the passing of Her Royal Majesty. We also wish for England’s new King Charles III, a peaceful and successful reign as she succeeds Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As we prepare to launch our London office, we look forward to contributing our quota to support the new king.