With the aggressive drive towards digital transformation in marketing, one of the most important pillars is content and the role content creation plays in the value chain and the marketing ecosystem in general. 

Recently, the National Research Group, a subsidiary of Stagwell Global, the parent company of the affiliate network we belong to recently published one of the most important research reports on the ‘Creator Economy’.

While most brand custodians have leveraged the creator community to deliver a myriad of marketing campaigns and activations, the lack of understanding of the changing dynamics, consistency and a substantive strategy on how to cooperate with the creator economy is a major challenge to brands and the report highlighted key findings:

*Understanding the creator economy requires an understanding of the deep bonds between creators and their fans.

*Disinformation remains a problem that the major content platforms are struggling to deal with.

*The “short-form revolution” has redefined the landscape of the creator economy.

*Today’s creators have a wide array of options when it comes to monetizing their content.

*The deep relationships between creators and fans make content creators highly valuable to
corporate partners.

*Over time, creators have come to see themselves not just as producers of content, but as builders of communities.

To dive deep into the modern Creator Economy and how your brand can leverage the wider ecosystem, download the full report here – Creator Economy.

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