After about 222 days, the Federal Government of Nigeria reached a deal to lift the ban on Twitter in Nigeria. There is no doubt that the suspension of the microblogging site affected both large, medium and small businesses using the platform for engagement, customer relations and social listening.
According to Hootsuite, a Twitter ad in Nigeria has a potential audience of 3.05 million people. Twitter is also ranked as the country’s sixth most-used platform behind WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Twitter also has 61.4 percent of Internet users in Nigeria, ranking above Telegram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat, Pinterest and Skype.
While only a minority of Nigerians use Twitter, they form part of the most vocal and active segment of the population in Nigeria. The lift of the ban would mean that many ongoing and new campaigns on other platforms would be moved to Twitter.

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