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TV is Dead!

Linear television, the traditional model of television viewing where programming is broadcast at a specific time and watched on a traditional television set, is no longer the dominant form of media consumption. 

This shift is due to several reasons, including the declining price of Smart TVs, which allow users to access streaming services directly, and the intense competition in the streaming industry. In 2022, numerous streaming services, including Paramount+, Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Now, Netflix, Disney+, Showmax, and iPlayer, were launched, providing audiences with a wide range of viewing options.

At SBI Media Global, we view the demise of linear TV as a positive development for the media and advertising industry. It not only provides audiences with more choices, but also makes TV and video content more measurable, engaging, and cost-effective. In addition, TV-on-demand solves the lack of data problem in emerging media markets and allows for the automation of media strategy, planning, and buying, enabling agencies to execute more efficiently.

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This article was adapted from SBI Passport 2023. You can download the full report with the secure link below: