For several years, we have predicted and pushed the message of artificial intelligence (AI) as the most ground-breaking innovation in the 21st Century. Well, it turns out that AI is no longer a mere experiment. This is because of ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). 

Call it an intelligent computer that can provide answers to everything you can think of and also helps you produce anything creative such as writing a story, coding an entire website, developing a movie script, creating a business plan, and even assisting brands to understand their customers better.

We believe ChatGPT will be the most important innovation for 2023 and beyond. GPT models are trained on large datasets of human-generated text and use a self-attention mechanism to analyze and understand the patterns and relationships within the text. This enables the model to generate coherent and human-like text when given a prompt or context.

For us, in the marketing industry, this is a game-changer for brand engagement, customer relationship management, product development, and even real-time advertising.

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