SBI Stagwell was recently featured in the “Around the world with Stagwell” series where the Assistant General Manager of Global Operations, Samuel Odusami, provided his take on one of the most important things to note when doing media and content in Nigeria.

“As a media strategist, you must always be concerned about originality. Nigerians are very diverse and creative in the way they think. Their values system is broad and it can also be universal. Nigerians have an eye for quality, something that is fresh and something that connects to their passion point from music to sports,” he said.

We at SBI Stagwell are happy that our strategic affiliation with Stagwell has now been activated, and we are ready to take on the next level of business growth through this partnership.

Click the link below to watch the video–CufARC7kn–QYMmVGaC9FsfXpsaG7ZjuTw73yZVGuZLJ2QfVjfdBgMXQJfhzF3FUB71LH8EWkNSsWTqJbXWhpjFVPzAxMv7hARRwGnSgmvCm_QJ4&utm_content=208634583&utm_source=hs_email