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Opportunities in WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp recently unveiled its Communities feature which would enable users to place several group chats together under one topic and share updates more effectively.

WhatsApp Communities will allow people to combine related group chats into private social networks under one banner. The new tool will enable users to organize several group chats under one umbrella topic. This feature would also allow people to receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize smaller discussion groups on important matters. Other upgraded features include allowing a 32-person audio call, the power for the admin to delete messages for other users as well as the capability to share files of over two gigabytes in size.

The new move by Meta (the parent company of both WhatsApp and Facebook) is geared towards increasing the active hours spent on WhatsApp on the surface and on a deeper level, unlocking new advertising features for WhatsApp. For several years, Meta has been striving to make WhatsApp a more open and community-driven messaging platform. The opportunities in this new direction are limitless for Meta. However, a major beneficiary of this new feature will be brands and their owners. Brands can now leverage the openness of these Communities to do social listening and understand their perspectives and behavior. As a result of the geo-located nature of these Communities, more granular access and understanding will be possible. What could be lacking is metadata analytics to help marketers understand patterns and gain insights.

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