As promised, OpenAI, the company behind the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) language model ChatGPT, has launched GPT-4, its most advanced version of the AI platform. Apart from releasing the updated version, the company has also launched its subscription service in India.

The arrival of the subscription service in India is coming weeks after the same service was launched in the US, UK, and Canada. Among other things, the premium service lets users access ChatGPT during peak hours, grants priority access to new features and improvements, and gives quicker responses.

For a price tag of $20 per month, ChatGPT will give premium access to many companies and startups that now rely on the platform to develop business agreements, policies, and proposals, thereby having less need to hire or pay more for such services.

While Google and Baidu are scrambling to launch their chatbots that will rival OpenAI’s chatbot, Microsoft has already integrated and recently launched its new Edge browser and Bing search engine with ChatGPT. Despite some flaws and obvious glitches, Microsoft has also rolled out GPT-4 in the new Edge and browser.

While ChatGPT is already a success with close to 900 million users, it is yet to be seen if OpenAI can sustain the subscription model. With no numbers provided on this side of things, we see ChatGPT rolling out a less expensive and perhaps ad-funded version that will allow users to use premium features without having to pay a monthly subscription. Once they are ready, we expect to see ChatGPT coming to market with a non-subscription model while trying to woo users and gain converts from the former.