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Micro-moments and your Brand

The internet and the smartphone remain two of the most pivotal innovations of our time, and understanding how to use them effectively would help build your brand sustainably.
As different media and channels become available to the average user, there is a need to become more granular with how we look at the customer journey.
A consumer goes through a series of steps before getting to the point of buying a product more than once or telling a friend about it. This starts with understanding tiny bits of moments that underpin the daily activities of a customer – the micro-moments.

Micro-moments are intent-rich moments when customers/ potential customers turn to their device to complete a task or search for things. The everyday life of a customer is filled with these moments. It is very important to understand how these moments work and know which ones are important and valuable to your business.
With the smartphone now at the centre of customers’ everyday living, there is always something to be learned, discovered, explored and shared. Putting your brand in these moments could go a long way to devise a strong content and engagement direction for your brand.

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