It has become paramount that every brand owner understands who the customer is, what they want, and what drives them to make a purchase and remain loyal. Marketing psychology can be defined as a way to look for patterns in customer behaviour and how it influences their purchase decisions.

Using messaging that speaks to the emotional side of your target audiences’ gives you an edge over the competition. Below are three marketing psychology principles you can leverage in your brand communication strategy:

1.      The Scarcity Theory: This suggests that customers place more value on the things they believe to be rare and lower value on what can easily be accessed.

2.    Reciprocity Principle: This principle states that if a brand does something good for you, you are more likely to return the favor, and have increased cooperation in the future.

3.      The Social Proof Theory: states that customers trust products more when they know others who can validate their value.

Leveraging psychology in your marketing strategy is a great way to define what is the most engaging way to communicate with your customers.

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