part from the inflationary season that has negatively impacted consumers’ purchasing power, marketing budgets have also thinned out as boardrooms manage expectations and resources. It is also daunting given the competitive market and the dynamic customer base. However, not every big brand today started out with a huge budget. Here are some tips on how you can hit the market with less money.

Craft a story around your brand: This involves communicating your brand story and mission to your target audience with a view to building an atmosphere of trust. Most brands do not just suffer a dearth of resources, they either have a poor story to tell or they are not trusted

Have a good product/ service: There’s no strategy stronger than a happy customer. Having a thin budget is not a big problem, but having an unhappy customer is a bigger problem. However, if your product/service is solid, the onus still lies on you to ensure your marketing activities are geared towards satisfying your customers’ needs and ensuring your product/service delivers as promised.

Collaborations: Try to partner with other organizations to achieve better brand positioning. A brand that does not partner will have a short, nasty and brutish life. Your weakness could be another brand’s strength. However, getting the right partnership is all that matters. In the aviation, banking and tourism segments, many startups and bluechip brands have leveraged partnerships to survive trying times while acquiring new customers and making quality sales.

Finance is not the most critical problem for your brand, the strategy to execute right matters more. talk to us today to find your path, you can reach us via email: