Given Netflix’s recent quarterly, there was apprehension in financial and marketing circles about what Disney would report on the streaming segments of its business. Unexpectedly, the result showed that Disney is quickly closing in on Netflix’s long-established streaming lead.

With its coterie of sub-brands such as Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+ and Hotstar; the group gained 9.2 million subscribers overall, growing its total from 196.4 million subscribers in the first quarter to 205 million while Netflix has 221 million.

Disney also announced the launch of Ad-supported Disney+ for advertisers looking for platforms to have a broader reach. Although the cost of Disney Plus with ads is yet to be revealed, it has been said it will be less than the regular no-ads version.

While Netflix has committed to launching an ad-supported version, analysts are pessimistic that the service could be available in less than two years given the fundamental changes Netflix will need to build into its platform and the various negotiations such an approach will require with the global advertising players.

However, what is obvious is that advertising in premium content is here to stay and the industry, as well as brands, should lead the conversation on how this will benefit customers and the entire ecosystem.Technology and consumer trends are dictating the approach for brands. Let’s work together on a strategy that puts your brand in the driver’s seat. Email us: