As brands gain global and regional relevance/recognition there are specific target markets that regard most brands as part of their identity and origin. Just as every ‘politics is local’, every brand is also a local brand. 

While you could refer to these targets as the diaspora, there is huge leverage and opportunity for brands to expand into new markets while remaining relevant in local and regional instances.

Here are three key things to consider in building brands for the diaspora:

Diaspora is diverse and not monolithic. Instead of seeing these targets as Nigerians or South Africans abroad, it’s important to note that they develop linkages with other cultures, build relationships and they become more dynamic in their habits. They interact and integrate with their host community and thereby changing their perspectives and tastes over time.

2. Instead of seeing mere consumers, see them as a separate market with distinctive needs. As a result of the speed and robust nature of the global logistics and shipping infrastructure, many brand owners basically distribute volumes neglecting brand building and engagement. This strategy often backfires once a competitor changes the game of play.

3. Your brand is not indispensable. While diaspora customers are mostly brand loyalists. Their loyalty is not blind or spineless. The biggest threat to a brand loved by these customers is local brands and their scale that enables them to carry a few tweaks just to gain a new audience. As inflation and macroeconomic headwinds become unpredictable local brands have the upper hand.