Harnessing the power of personalization

Businesses and organizations across various sectors have the capacity to enhance customer experiences, increase engagement, and stimulate growth through the effective utilization of personalization. Personalization involves tailoring products, services, interactions, information, and communications to align with the unique desires, interests, and behaviors of individual customers and users. This article outlines strategies for harnessing personalization effectively: […]

What’s your Cause?

From social, and environmental to global causes, cause marketing enables brands to prioritize to support important issues in all aspects of their advertising and commercial operations. This strategy transcends conventional corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, when businesses make charitable donations or take part in humanitarian pursuits on the side.  The chosen cause is instead incorporated into your […]

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence – Unveiling SBI Media Group’s Commemorative Logo

In a remarkable celebration of its 10-year journey, SBI Media Group proudly presents its commemorative logo to a distinguished audience that includes top journalists, editors, and writers from both within and outside the dynamic realm of the marketing industry. The unveiling of this special emblem stands as a testament to the agency’s relentless commitment to […]

SBI Media Celebrates a Decade of Innovation, Bravery and Global Impact

SBI Media Group, Africa’s leading global media agency, proudly announces its 10th-year anniversary of revolutionizing the media landscape. Founded in 2013 by visionary entrepreneur Rotimi Bankole, SBI Media Group has journeyed from its humble beginnings to become a powerhouse with an international footprint. The agency’s success story is built upon the pillars of innovation, bravery, […]


Retailers often harness psychological phenomena to enhance their marketing strategies and drive sales. One such phenomenon that’s frequently utilized is FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out.” FOMO capitalizes on the innate human tendency to worry about missing out on exciting or valuable experiences, and retailers leverage this fear to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. By […]

Find X

After rebranding the world’s largest micro-blogging site, Twitter into X, Elon Musk, the majority owner of the platform has started unfolding his short, medium, and long-term plans for X. With the aim to become the ‘app for everything, Musk’s ambition for X could be the biggest gamble in the history of social media, eCommerce, technology, […]

Let’s Get SMART

Ever wondered why many campaigns fail? It is not unconnected to the absence of SMART objectives. It is critical that advertising campaigns must have SMART objectives in order to be effective and profitable. Setting specific, achievable goals is crucial given how competitive and dynamic the advertising industry is. Here are some reasons SMART targets are […]

Social Commerce and your Brand

The blending of social media and e-commerce, known as social commerce, has become a significant force driving digital transformation. Businesses can now engage with customers in a more dynamic and personalized manner, thanks to social commerce platforms. These platforms enable companies to promote their products, offer real-time customer support, and utilize user-generated content through social […]

SBI Media Partners Access Polo London to Support Quality Education

Over the weekend, SBI Media Group, Africa’s global agency, joined forces with Africa’s leading financial services Group, Access Bank, at the 2023 Access Polo, an extraordinary event held in London, the world’s leading financial center. This remarkable occasion brought together elements of royalty, governance, and banking in an inspiring orchestration.  The primary objective of the […]

The Future of Socials

Over the weekend, the social media scene was thrown into unprecedented chaos and confusion after hundreds of millions of Twitter users worldwide were restricted from seeing new tweets (posts). Confronted with the error message called ‘rate limit exceeded,’ Twitter users were confused if the problem was one of the usual technical glitches that have bedeviled […]