Higher for Longer

Fueled by many headwinds, the global economy continues to grapple with a ‘higher for longer’ inflation rate, it is pertinent to have a strategy as a brand because the lack of it might not only harm your brand in the short term but diminish its viability in the future.  Here are 6 tips on ideas for a […]

What’s your Cause?

From social, and environmental to global causes, cause marketing enables brands to prioritize to support important issues in all aspects of their advertising and commercial operations. This strategy transcends conventional corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, when businesses make charitable donations or take part in humanitarian pursuits on the side.  The chosen cause is instead incorporated into your […]

Find X

After rebranding the world’s largest micro-blogging site, Twitter into X, Elon Musk, the majority owner of the platform has started unfolding his short, medium, and long-term plans for X. With the aim to become the ‘app for everything, Musk’s ambition for X could be the biggest gamble in the history of social media, eCommerce, technology, […]

Social Commerce and your Brand

The blending of social media and e-commerce, known as social commerce, has become a significant force driving digital transformation. Businesses can now engage with customers in a more dynamic and personalized manner, thanks to social commerce platforms. These platforms enable companies to promote their products, offer real-time customer support, and utilize user-generated content through social […]

SBI Media Partners Access Polo London to Support Quality Education

Over the weekend, SBI Media Group, Africa’s global agency, joined forces with Africa’s leading financial services Group, Access Bank, at the 2023 Access Polo, an extraordinary event held in London, the world’s leading financial center. This remarkable occasion brought together elements of royalty, governance, and banking in an inspiring orchestration.  The primary objective of the […]

What we know about Threads

Meta has finally launched its response to Twitter after a very short pre-launch campaign. The new micro-blogging platform, branded Threads from Instagram, is poised to take on Twitter and has already garnered over 100 million users in less than a week since its launch. This makes it the first of its kind to reach such […]

The Future of Socials

Over the weekend, the social media scene was thrown into unprecedented chaos and confusion after hundreds of millions of Twitter users worldwide were restricted from seeing new tweets (posts). Confronted with the error message called ‘rate limit exceeded,’ Twitter users were confused if the problem was one of the usual technical glitches that have bedeviled […]


After several years of managing and pegging its currency, the central bank in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, has now fully floated the Naira against the US dollar. This decision will have serious consequences on the Nigerian marketing and media industry, given the linkage between the industry, foreign direct investment, and global trade. Prior to the […]


If the recent news of bankruptcies and layoffs is anything to go by, we could conclude that the rise of digital media news platforms has reached its twilight. From Africa to North America and across Europe, there is copious news of several formerly vibrant digital news players shutting down, executing layoffs, and filing for bankruptcy. […]

The Elephant in the Room

The decision by the Nigerian government to altogether remove petrol subsidies is expected to have far-reaching effects on the country’s economy. One immediate consequence will be an increase in petrol pump prices, which will have a ripple effect on the prices of goods and services across the entire West African region. This will lead to […]