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Less than six years ago, the percentage of Nigerians with a smartphone was less than 50%. Today, smartphone adoption and usage in Africa’s largest economy has now reached over 90%, the most significant level and perhaps one of the highest in any developing economy.

As curated in the Capstone Research, a special study by the National Research Group in partnership with SBI Media Group, the research, explored the growth of the Nigerian entertainment and technology sector.

Some of the key takeaways from the study include:

Mobile is the gateway to connectivity. Mobility is table stakes when it comes to streaming, with 78% noting it’s very important that streaming services work well on mobile. Over half (55%) of all movie/TV consumption is on smartphones, while viewership on laptops, smart TVs, tablets and desktop devices is less frequent. Smartphones are also the overwhelming method for gaming (83%).

5G will “transform my country for the better,” say 81% of Nigerian consumers. With internet connection quality viewed as the biggest tech problem in the market, nearly 70% are aware of the pending 5G rollout, with the primary benefit seen to be enhanced speed (74%).

YouTube leads as the top streaming service with 82% of respondents using it weekly, and 40% of those who use it multiple times per day. Only a daily basis, 64% use it the most often over other services such as Netflix (46%), Prime Video (25%), and AREWA24 (44%), the Hausa-language channel. Of the top five daily activities in general, 66% said they watch a short-form online video.

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