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Beyond Logos

With the ubiquitous nature of major leading brands, there is a common misconception that a company’s logo is the same as its brand. The challenge with this approach is that marketing efforts concentrate on building a facade instead of a brand that transcends the physical. 

For example, Apple as a brand means so much more than the iconic ‘bitten Apple’ logo. A successful brand is more than its logo and visual identity. It is a combination of different layers of verbal, non-verbal, visual and non-visual elements that can be communicated and experienced by your customers. Although a brand logo is one of the most important elements because it is seen most frequently, it is only a part of branding.

Your brand comprises the physical characteristics of a product as well as the expectations and beliefs that surround the brand. Customers are not just buyers, as a matter of fact, your customers invest their time and money into your brand, and that’s why it matters more than ever to be deliberate, consistent and strategic in how you build your brand.

More importantly, successful branding should stimulate the consumer to buy your product or patronize your services. The product will benefit from the associations that the brand makes, helping the business to become trusted and distinctive.

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