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Are you Ready for the Next World Cup?

As the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022 finally wrapped up yesterday with Argentina crowned the world champion, the next World Cup is already queued to be one of the most exciting and successful. 

As a brand custodian looking to tap into the most watched and popular championship, it is not too early to start planning for the FIFA World Cup 2026, Canada, Mexico, and the United States 2026 will be one of the most competitive for brands and advertisers not just at the global level but at the regional and perhaps on the local turf.

To better prepare and decide what you want to do with the next FIFA World Cup as a brand owner, we have three things you need to consider namely:

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Why – Every brand is fit and proper for the World Cup. While this does not mean you should at all cost participate, it is important to understand that there are many levels of opportunities on the platform of the World Cup and it requires clear objectives and strategic intents to know what fits your brand.

Never too early – This is where most brands err. Just like the Super Bowl, most of the most successful brands with the World Cup do not only start early, they have a special part of their marketing hands to plan and ensure the brand’s medium to long-term efforts sync with the plans ahead of the World Cup.

Chart your course – With our experience working on more than four World Cups, one major lesson is that every brand must stand out to be successful when leveraging this historic event. As there are no two similar brands, every World Cup is different and the approach, initiatives and ideas must be different to achieve superior results.

We have worked with some of the biggest brands to leverage key global events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Summer and Winter Olympics. Talk to us today to take advantage of the future of football. Talk to us today via email: info@sbimedia.com.ng

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