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The global business community was astounded by Microsoft’s recent escalation of the artificial intelligence (AI) war against Alphabet (Google), with the launch of a test version of its Bing search engine integrated with ChatGPT. In response, Google hastily announced the development of Bard AI as its answer to ChatGPT.

Although Bard AI is not yet available to the public, Google is determined to compete with Microsoft, a technology giant which has already invested $10 billion in ChatGPT. This investment was predicted by SBI Passport to be the largest innovation of 2023 and possibly beyond.

The AI battle became more intense after Baidu, the largest search engine in China and the second largest in the world announced plans to launch its own generative AI, Ernie-bot. Given Baidu’s extensive experience and expertise in AI, there is little doubt that Ernie-bot will be a formidable player in the Chinese market.

Despite having less than 9% of the total search market, Microsoft has an early advantage due to the tested and proven capabilities of ChatGPT, both Google and Baidu will face a significant challenge in proving their worth. The numbers speak for themselves; investment banking giant UBS reported that ChatGPT now boasts 100 million active monthly users, reaching this milestone in only 2 months (adding about 10 million users daily), compared to the 78 months it took Google to achieve the same feat.

The application of ChatGPT is increasingly being integrated into various industries, including digital healthcare, real estate, customer service, public relations, legal, literary, and content development. As a result, brands and the general marketing industry are set to benefit greatly from the increased productivity and efficiency brought about by generative AI, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, data analytics, and creative content development.

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