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Adapting to Change

In the world of marketing, change is the only constant variable. Every day, new advances in technology and culture impact our daily lives and yes, these changes create trends. A market trend is anything that alters the market your company operates in.

One of the most notable brands that has adapted to change is Apple Inc. Last week, the company was rumoured to be planning a subscription model for its hardware. A landmark decision that will upend the use and sales of smartphone, mobile and lifestyle apps. While this  proposed change to Apple’s business model might seem innovative, we think it is Apple’s bold approach to embracing change given its dominant but near-stagnation position in the category.

As a learning from Apple, for brands to stay ahead of the competition, it is very important to go through the process of evaluating changes in that industry. Whether it’s a change in technology or customer needs and interests, every brand must be able to make products that fit the daily needs and interests of the people who want to buy the products.

Trends have a way of affecting your brand in various ways so it’s important to know; what are your consumers looking for? How can the brand meet their needs?
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